Center for Peace

2015, graduation project

‘Peace is not the absence of war – Peace is the absence of fear.’
– Ursula Franklin, Pearson Medal of Peace winner

The Center for Peace – planned to be situated in Okinawa, Japan – enables people to experience the absence of fear, so that people will be able to relate to peace and the role they play in the creation of it.
Fear is least present when all-embracing peace prevails; peace between people – the absence of conflict – and peace with nature – sustainability –. Thus, peace, the abstract concept that many people have difficulty relating to, becomes tangible.

The Center for Peace – that is accessible for a broad audience – allows people to experience the absence of fear. This is done by responding to the aspects that cause the human brain to reduce fear; round objects and forms, softness, light, the absence of colour and a horizontal entrance.

To realise that you feel the absence of fear, fear’s threat must also be felt. Therefore, around the Center for Peace, fears are applied. Fears that come from people who live a life in fear. Imperfect, not easily legible and distorted fears, as the human brain is distorted due to the emotions that are entwined with fear. The application on corners strengthen the tension, as corners enable the amygdala – the part of the human brain that generates fear – to generate fear.

The Center for Peace is completely sustainable, as peace also covers the human relationship with nature. Solely sustainable materials are used; recycled handmade paper, sustainable paper and soil, which also contribute to a neutral imagery.

Through the Center for Peace people can experience the absence of fear and awareness and understanding are created. The Center for Peace is allegoric; it is a travelling installation that is located in the public space, increasing the ease and desire for visitors to come and visit.

Center for Peace was exhibited during:

Ready, set, go! graduation exhibition
AKV | St. Joost, Breda, July 4th until 8th 2015