Ik zoek een woord


A shopping bag for a bookstore, created using the first sentence of one of the favourite books. In order to stimulate children to read in the current society the bag uses the first sentence of the children’s poetry bundle Daar komt de tijger, by Hans & Monique Hagen; ‘Ik zoek een woord’ – ‘I’m looking for a word’ –.
This visualised search – a cloud of Helvetica lowercase letters that are easily recognisable for children – results in a hand-cut bag that lets children search for the letters that form the sentence. The bag’s size is appropriate for picture books and strong enough to hold multiple picture books.

Additionally, a smaller novel-sized bag was created for adults and businesslike occasions. This bag is based on the most common first word of a novel; ‘de’ – ‘the’ –. This bag conveys a minimalist, literary feeling, using the Trinité. The continuation of the d’s ascender adds typographic wit to the bag.