Photojournalism, Cape Verde

Journalism publications created on Santiago en São Vicente during journalistic training programme Beyond Your World in collaboration with LokaalMondiaal.

Carnaval in São Vicente, Cape Verde, published by VPRO Grenzeloos. The full article (in Dutch) and all the images can be seen on;

Made in collaboration with Imara Angulo Vidal – responsible for the wide shot pictures within the article –. All close-ups are created by me and the responsibility for the written article is shared.

Additionally, an article about the ‘behind the scenes’ of the Carnaval preperations was created. Similarly, both imagery and text are a shared responsibility. This article (also in Dutch) can be seen on

Transformation. How Carnaval in Cape Verde makes a transformation from realistic, hardworking woman from Rotterdam to an energetic, relaxed Cape Verdean possible. The Rotterdam based Cape Verdean Carla Nascimento – dancer in the beautiful, Brazilian looking, Carnaval show in Mindelo, São Vicente – is the embodiment of a transformation.

The article, made in collaboration with Imara Angulo Vidal and Andreas van Hoppe – personally I am responsible for the last image and the biggest part of the article – is published in Metro Rotterdam, Tuesday, March 18th 2014, page 12 and 13;

Carnaval in the SOS Children’s Village São Domingos, Santiago. The opportunity to participate in the most beautiful day of the year for these children is a very special experience. So special that it had to be shared with the world. Children who have a very tough life and still are able to enjoy so intensely and at the same time can be as pure as children can be.

Published by VersPers. The full article – made in collaboration with Imara Angulo Vidal (responsible for the wide shots where I am responsible for the close-ups. We are both responsible for the text) – can be seen on /

Escola de Basketball; the basketball academy that had just been opened on São Vicente by ex-basketballer Rodrigo Mascarenhas. Next to basketball training sessions, the academy offers shelter for less fortunate children.
Made in collaboration with Melanie Soares, who is responsible for the text accompanying my images.

Next to the publications, several of the above stories were exhibited during:

Kriterion Rotterdam, March 27th 2014