Stedelijk Museum Breda


Portrait of Aster Russom for Toekomstdromen van Nieuwe Brabanders Exhibition | Stedelijk Museum Breda.

This exhibition shows eight new inhabitants of the province of North Brabant, immigrants and refugees, who are determined to improve the quality of their life and who thus serve as role models for those with similar experiences. What are their expectations for the future? What are their dreams? How are they going to pursue them? And where do they see themselves in five years?

Excerpt of Aster’s story: At 14 years old, Aster had to flee her home country Eritrea, as young children are forced to join the army. Aster has to leave her parents and siblings behind and together with her aunt, sets forth a journey through Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Italy and France to eventually arrive in the Netherlands. And the travelling doesn’t stop here, through Dronten and Borculo she eventually arrives in Breda, the place where her new life starts. After three years, she has found her place and is ambitious and driven to make the most out of her life. Honouring her past and striving for her future.

Toekomstdromen van Nieuwe Brabanders can be seen from November 7th until November 25th at the Stedelijk Museum Breda.