Women’s Skills Development Organisation Nepal


Researching the social impact of fairtrade in Nepal at the oldest fairtrade organisation the country knows; the Women’s Skills Development Organisation in Pokhara, Nepal. This project was done in collaboration with Young & Fair.

The Women’s Skills Development Organisation focuses on women who have faced great challenges; women with disabilities, divorced women, abused women or women who are challenged in any other way. Through woven handicrafts – such as bags, toys and wallets – the women are empowered, develop their skills, earn money and be independent. Simultaneously a community, that serves as a family, grows.

During our visit we spoke with executive director Ram Khali Khadka as well as many of the workers and we were able to, through this, gain insight in the way the organisation works, the transparency, the way costs are defined, how fairtrade certificates work and how the women who are part of the organisation experience the social impact of fairtrade.

An article about the Women’s Skills Development Organisation was published in F/Maggezien on April 24th 2017, on Fashion Revolution Day.